A Unique Experience

We Believe in Radical Transparency and Collaboration

Too many products suck because the development agency didn’t communicate enough. In today’s world you need more than that: our engagement model is based on transparency over progress, challenges and virtually all aspects of your development.

Self-Organising Geniuses solve
problems – not Project Managers

We hire smart people. Let them get together in a room and solve complex problems without being dictated to by non-technical project managers. We have a proud ‘hacker culture’ in our development centres.

People are Everything. Recruit ruthlessly

A great engineer is worth hundreds of mediocre ones.That’s why we have an intensive recruitment process – from starting our own technical university to train the next generation of engineers to technical testing that benchmarks our developers in the top 2-5% of their technologies on average.

Data over Requirements Every

We don’t believe in planning everything about a product upfront. Our iterative process allows us to capture requirements within 2 days and drive future iterations based on data-driven decisions and core analytics throughout the development journey.


Meet our team’s of professional

  • Mike Perrault
    Mike Perrault CEO/ Founder
  • Ahmad Miraj Sindhu
    Ahmad Miraj Sindhu Android Developer
  • Asad Wazir
    Asad Wazir Web Developer

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